Le verre à moutarde décoré, marque une enfance en France après les années 60.

une peinture d’un verre amora petit ours brun de jus d’orange avec une paille. Dans le fond, une télé, horloge, fenetre

Outside is off limits, and I don’t think anyone has energy left for a Zoom party

Photo: Petri Oeschger/Moment/Getty Images

30 years of evaluating innovative accessible or assistive technology in Human-Computer Interaction research and how we could do better.

A blind teenager sits at a desk in front of a braille notetaker, a desktop computer and a MP3 player.
Assistive and accessible technologies ‘in the wild’

Braun and Clarke’s thematic analysis has become a staple of qualitative HCI research. Here’s how to get started with their reflexive Thematic Analysis method and why themes don’t emerge.

Many initiatives attempt to initiate young people to programming to increase the diversity of the tech industry. But current ways of disciplining technology uses in school are diminishing their impact — and hide their transformative potential.

La vaisselle, le bien vivre et le bien vieillir

Emeline Brulé

I write about design, accessibility and social sciences. Had a hand in building h.ai. Lecturer at University of Sussex.

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